Head Baker

Merna Nicholls

head baker

Merna Nicholls has been working at SOET TAND BAKERY since they began back in 2020. Baking has never been something Merna thought she would enjoy. she started baking for family and friends during the 2020 lockdown and discovered a hidden love and passion for baking. 

she decided to start her own online bakery where people could order baked goods and she would deliver the goods. Baking from home for orders results in good quality bakes every time. soet tand bakery specializes in cheesecakes and prides themselves with their rolo and white chocolate cheesecake that are their top sellers.

soet stand prides itself with quality baking with each order. merna hopes to open a small bakery, where she can still maintain the quality and intimacy of soet tand bakery.